Amazon Affiliate Program The Ultimate Guide

amazon affiliate program

what is amazon affiliate Program

Hi, In this post I am going to talk about Amazon affiliate Program. People ask questions about affiliate marketing when I do workshops. Because Amazon Affiliate Marketing Has Relationship With Your Revenue.

How To Earn With Amazon Affiliate Program:

By affiliate marketing we mean straightforwardly we promote someone else’s services, products, and we get some commissions for sales.

We know as well, Amazon is the world’s largest affiliate program. Amazon, everyone may have heard the name or they may have bought some stuff from Amazon. But did you also know that you can earn with amazon affiliate?

This article will show you step by step on how to join the Amazon Affiliate marketing Program.

How To Join The Amazon Affiliate Program:

join amazon affiliate program

Search the Amazon Affiliate Program in your browser so click on it to be the first link show to you.

amazon affiliate program

Click on the “Join Now Free” button on the amazon affiliate program website. Amazon doesn’t receive any money to join you if you want to become an Amazon affiliate

Amazon Affiliate Sign Up:

amazon affiliate sign up

You will then see an Amazon affiliate sign up form fill in whatever details ask for sign up. Amazon affiliate sign up, the form will ask about your website or blog so put the link into form whatever you have a website or blog.

If you do not know how to create a website or blog, click on the link below.

how to create a blog step by step

How To Select An Amazon Affiliate Product:

Now you have to choose the Amazon affiliate product. Even if you choose a product that has very low demand, you are not going to benefit.

Now that you know how to choose an in-demand product, you may have noticed that Amazon displays some advertising for its products, on channels or newspapers.

Now you have to choose which product ads they are showing because people who have seen them know now that when you promote affiliate links to these products on Facebook or on your website So people will be interested in buying.

Another way is to search on Google or any other tools to find out which keywords are being searched so that people can find out which products are in high demand.

How To Create Amazon Affiliate Link:

So now we know how to create an Amazon affiliate link because you will promote a specific link on your social network or your blog.

create-amazon affiliate product link

For example, there is a special discount on any product, and if you want to create a link to it. you will first find the product’s (ASIN) ID this ID is included in the product details.

amazon affiliate marketing

Copy the ASIN ID then you will have a button on the top of the amazon affiliate Program website (Product Linking) After clicking the button you will see the product search box there, paste the ASIN ID then you will get a product link button will appear and you will get your link. Now you can promote this link on your blog or social network.

Amazon Affiliate Commission:

By purchasing this link you will get a commission for this product only or will you get a commission for all purchases made through this link from Amazon? Yes, you will get a commission for every product that is created through this link.

Do you want to know how much can earn an Amazon affiliate commission?


The Amazon Affiliate Program pays you between 1% to 10% percent and some are products you won’t get any money from Amazon. So Be careful before promoting these products, they do not pay you any amount.

I hope, you got the best information in the amazon affiliate Program article, Thanks for reading this article.

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