How to Building an Email List

building an email listDo you want to start building an email list for your business but you’re not quite sure how to get started coming up.
I’m gonna walk you through a bunch of examples both good and bad of how you can start building your email list so you’re starting for your business online

your website’s up you’re growing a social media following but you don’t have an email list yet if you’re not quite sure why this is so important.

Why building an email list is important?

I’d encourage you to Learn email marketing but the point is.

Some email marketing tips

Is someone visits your website once they might forget about you, your name not ever be able to find you again and so they’re not gonna scroll through days and weeks of their browser history to come across your website again so while they’re on your website.

It’s important to be collecting their emails that way you can stay in touch with them tell them more about you your business new products new offerings everything else and eventually turns them from a first-time website visitor into a loyal customer.

Email marketing software to Building an Email List.

Before you get started collecting emails you need to choose an email marketing tool.

I recommend using Getresponse which using by me for my business and recommend for our clients also MailChimp is great because you can get started for free.

Aweber is another good option but you want to sign up for an email marketing software first and that’s where you’re actually, gonna save the emails that you collect for your email list and then start sending out emails from there.

There are three main ways that I want to talk about collecting emails list today

  • The first way would be adding a form to your website so either at the website builder that you use. If you are using Squarespace, Wix, Weebly have email forms to Building an Email List
    also, the email marketing tools you choose probably have forms that you can design within the email marketing tools then inserted on your website you might add that to the footer the header within your blog’s and your home page.
  • The Second way to collect emails is through pop-ups or what are sometimes called hello bar so it’s a bar along the bottom of the top is there the whole time while you’re scrolling through a website a lot of times people use either Optinmonster, sumo me, or hello bar to collect emails that way.
  • The third way to collect email addresses is through landing pages.

What is landing page?

Landing page basically, a one-page website designed to get the email address and it is not like your home page has a blog about social media everything else it’s just one page that describes a certain offer and someone decides do I want this offer or not.

And so this is generally used by you giving something away in exchange for someone’s email address and so this could be an e-book, a webinar, a class a checklist something that you want to give away there’d be valuable for your audience and they are gonna give up their email address.

it’s a really powerful tool and a lot of times people use landing page software such as Instapage, or Leadpages to build these because. It is really easy and quick to do you can a/b test it figure out what works what are converts and how you can collect a lot of email addresses.

Start emails list buidling

Now that we’ve gone over a couple of different tools that you can use to start Building an Email List. I thought it might be helpful to show you some examples of websites both, good and bad of how they’re collecting emails and hopefully.

I’ll give you some ideas on what you can start to put the work to grow your email list well. I thought the best place to start is maybe some poor options of places that aren’t asking for email addresses aren’t doing a very good job of it and then gradually get into websites to do a really good job of collecting emails.

There are two different areas. I am going to take a look at today one are some e-commerce sites that do a good and bad job of collecting email addresses and then also I’m taking a look at a couple of different authors and so. I thought these were kind of very different examples but hopefully give you some ideas on how to Building an Email List.

Starting with a bad option would be Jim Collins so if you take a look at his website he has a bunch of really amazing books but I’m not seen anywhere of how do I give him my email address you know.

I was looking at this before and there are things where he’s gonna give away his PDFs and isn’t asking for an email and so this is something that.

You’ll see on other pages are gonna collect your email address then give you the PDF.

Stephen King is another author who I was on their website recently and he is not doing a very good job.

I don’t see library author news future works and so it was actually like down here somewhere in the newsletter so if you see that little thing in the footer where you can sign up to his newsletter but that was that’s it that’s the only place. I could find to give my email address to Stephen King on his website

We’ve looked at a couple of bad author websites, why don’t we take a look at some e-commerce ones start with some of the bad ones and I work away up to some better ones.

Look at some better options so nice laundry is a men’s clothing brand that makes socks and underwear and basics essentially.

Let’s take a look at their website and so one of the things here is. You know to sign up for their email address their newsletter and get a free pair of socks so sign up get my free pair.

And then as you are exiting the web page you will see no matter if you saw that offer or not or what page.

You are on but as long as starting to exit the page this pop-up is gonna come up saying here is your free offer sign up and free pair of socks so ones.


Building an email list is highly crucial to growing up your business.

Make sure to keep on trying different methods discussed above of building an email list.

to build a strong list of active users to maximize your conversion rate. Just try out all these ways mentioned above, and you will see the difference soon enough.

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