Create a Blog – Step By Step Guide

create a blog

In this article, I will tell you how to create a blog with WordPress – If you follow the steps which told you, your blog will be ready soon.
A good and standard blog cannot be free, so you will have to pay a small price for it, buying a domain name, a hosting that can cost up to $10 a month.
But I can suggest you which hosting and domain name to buy for good and long-lasting blogging.

What Do You need to Create a blog:

What will be required to Create a blog They include the listings below and do not require any special skills to use them.

  • Signup for Web Hosting

  • Pick a Domain Name

  • Install WordPress

  • Start Writing Your First Blog Post

Step 1 – Set up your blog.

The first step is to know where to buy a hosting and domain and how to install WordPress. Here is some list you can check reviews on the internet about which web hosting company is best for you. Let’s say one can also buy a domain from a hosting company.

  • Bluehost.

  • GoDaddy.

  • HostGator.

  • Namecheap.

  • iPage.

So you know which blogging platform we’re using – WordPress and we’re going to use Namecheap as hosting in this guide. It’s a great hosting provider, it’s a very fast, reliable service and it comes with a money-back guarantee.

Step 2 – Set up your WordPress

Welcome to the WordPress Dashboard. Once you’ve opened WordPress you will see your dashboard.
The black column on the left is a good indicator that you are in WordPress. You will be able to edit all the details on this site on this dashboard.

You will spend a lot of time here editing your topic, your site and much more,
I mean now everything you run from here to post, comment, pages, everything will be right here.

Choose a theme for your blog

There are also free themes and premium themes for WordPress – but I think you should be free in the beginning because you are learning a lot.

Note: Always theme depends on blogging topic so you should find Topics for bloggers

To install a new theme, go to WordPress’s dashboard, then go to Appearance > Themes

after that, You can search there which theme to choose for your blog.

search theme for blog

As soon as the theme is activated, it will be installed on your blog. Now you’ve started posting viral content and generating increased fans.

Create & Submit your first blog post

To add your first blog post, go to Dashboard> Posts> Add New From here, you can add a title and start typing

The WordPress editor is self-explanatory. There are a lot of options and details, but as you start to write you’ll get a grip on it.
I suggest you play along with it, write your first “test post” and you’ll adapt pretty quickly.
After writing something you need to add a featured image (find “Featured Image” on the right) as your main image for the blog post.
I also recommend that you add some visuals to the blog post, making the post more attractive and easier to navigate through, and readers will like it.

Once you’ve written the entire post, added visuals to your post, added the featured image and added all the headlines – it’s time to save it. Don’t post it yet. You need to take care of the metadata before you hit the post button and show it to your readers.
You will need to add a title and description for the search engines. So when people search for you via Google, Bing, or any other search engine you can control which titles and descriptions appear.
You will need to download to do this. Yoast SEO Plugin

Congratulations your all steps completed to create a blog

Like I said…it wasn’t that hard, right? Give your self a quick appreciation for a minute. Unfortunately, it’s just the beginning. Time to create blog content, so glue your ass to a chair and start writing one blog post one by one

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