Best Topics for Bloggers Top 7 Ideas in 2020

Best Topics for Bloggers

Topics for bloggers is the most important question that most people ask – a lot of people want to be bloggers because there are so many possibilities to make money.

If you are looking for a great topic for your blog and you are a new blogger, here are some tips for you – today I will tell you 7 famous topics for your blog.

You will not succeed in one day, you must have to work for 3 to 5 month regularly if you work at my topics so you just search and understand that topics and consider on that

Often people face a huge problem while writing the content because they had not understood the topic or keyword.

What are keyword and placement:

The keyword is the most important thing in blogging, need to understand it carefully,

keyword means whatever you search on google or any search engine, what you type in the search box it’s called a keyword.

Now, whatever you wrote but the main thing is the right keyword placement.

7 most trending topics for blogs

  1. Finance.
    Health and Fitness.
    How to Make Money from the Internet.
    Beauty and fashion.
    Food blogs.
    Travel blogs.
    Digital marketing.

1. Finance

This year, blogs about finance like an investment, personal finance, corporate finance are very impressive. This is because people are always in need of financial advice when they make a decision about it, and also research online.

So Write this topic for a blog on finance it can get more drive traffic on your blog.

And you must run ads on their blog if you want to earn passive income if you want so just find the best CPC (Cost per click) keywords on the best tool like Ubersuggest, Ads Google Keyword Planner.

Finance is a very profitable topic for bloggers There are several different words you find at different prices. So that’s how you are selected.

The cost per click for the keyword “Example keyword” is around $20, which is really high. So when someone clicks on the ad, you get 60% of that cost. it means you will earn $12.

2. Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness are the best blog topics this topic increasing the numbers of people day by day People want to be healthier because of lifestyle changes. So they keep looking for some tips to keep themselves healthy.

You can write a complete blog about health, there is a lot of subtopics like quit smoking, diet control, exercise, healthy foods, weight loss, mental health, and fitness, trust me it is quite easy to write

You can also learn by watching many TV programs you know a lot about health. I just want to write good ideas on your blog.

3. How to Make Money from the Internet

How to Make Money from the Internet or earn money online are hot topics for bloggers no need to let you know that perhaps it can be the reason to create a blog if I am not wrong.

Make Money is one of the most popular online blogging topics because everyone wants to know about that. a lot of ways on the internet and youtube you have to get some tips from there and write about it.

Be careful, not to tell anyone the wrong way because that is not good for your blog people can bad comments and testimonials too

4. Beauty and fashion, hot topics for bloggers

Beauty and fashion are also the best topics for bloggers because every girl wants to look beautiful.
The audience is always excited about who wore what at parties and how was the makeup and other things.

Therefore, blogging on these topics can drive great traffic to the blog.
Along with the content, if you are put attractive pictures then it can be going to catch more attention from the viewers.

5. Food blogs

This is the best topic for food bloggers. hunger is such a thing everyone feels it and every person wants food for life

So if you are a good cook so can just start a food blog, if even though you are not then you can start because it’s not a difficult topic,
That’s because you will have to write a blog not to making videos or tests to someone.

And you can find many subtopics of food Such as breakfast, dinner, lunch, healthy breakfast, desserts, etc.

6. Travel blogs

Traveling is always be the trend of jotting down, the experience that has picked up the pace in the year 2019.If you are a hardcore traveler then you can surely start off with your own blog. Once you are established you can make around $2000 to $4000 per month.
Travel blog has very potential traffic actually, people always love to travel to some new places or countries they have never seen before.

7. Digital marketing

This field itself is the thunderous one these days. If you are into digital marketing then you have to start a blog on this topic. Many business owners or companies are in search of marketing ideas, so if you think you can deliver them to the demands whatever they want.
Digital marketing blogs are the best way to earn money through Google Adsense or other ads networks.


I would like to say that if you are interested in any of these topics, you should only work on these topics for bloggers because without interest you could not be able to do better work and will not be able to leave it in between.
So start your blog on this topic that interests you, and you will soon be able to rank.

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